Today, cybercrime is an unavoidable business risk. No company is immune to it.

The biggest threat often comes from within, so cover yourself preventively.


Cyber insurance protects your business from the consequences of cybercrime, such as hacking, data breaches, cyber attacks and system intrusions.

100% cybersafe does not exist

Cybercrime is an integral part of the risk analysis for your business.

Everyone is at risk of becoming a victim, including you. Just as you want the best security measures and fire insurance for your home, make sure your business is also protected from additional risks.

Cyber insurance offers thoughtful prevention and affordable protection.

Why cyber insurance?

Human capital: your strongest and weakest link

Cyber risks can shut down your business and even lead to bankruptcy.

Therefore, a change in mindset is crucial. After all, human error is the weakest link in your company's security.

Cyber insurance saves your business after a cyber incident

What do you do if a ransom is demanded and threatened to shut down your business?
Can you just pay for that? And even if you can pay, is that the smartest move? What legal steps should you take?
In this scenario, it is crucial to have the right experts on your side who are at home in each field (e.g. ICT, PR, etc.).

Every business has IT applications

The digital world is not standing still. Digitalisation continues in every sector - this increases the likelihood of cyber incidents.

What does cyber insurance cover?

Cyber insurance provides security in times of crisis. We reach out to you with the right safety nets in case of a cyber incident.
Each insurer leaves its own mark, but the right product and advice at Materné captures the residual risk:

24/7 assistance and helpline

In the event of a cyber incident, you are not alone; your peace of mind is our priority.

A team of various experts supports you in taking correct steps. Our IT specialists, crisis communication consultants and Public Relations experts advise you on the right measures to take.

Compensation for own damage

Cyber incidents will cost you dearly.

  • loss of profit
  • repair costs
  • your reputation
  • legal advice
  • intervention costs of IT experts
  • fines

Your brand new car deserves comprehensive protection, surely your business does too?

Compensation of damages to third parties

Cyber incidents can cause problems with third parties, resulting in claims.


  • defence costs
  • compensation for data protection breaches
  • spread of malware
  • loss of data
  • unintentional infringement of intellectual property rights
  • a disgruntled employee throwing slander online about a customer

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Frequently asked questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions about this insurance. Over the years, we have collected this information and summarise it here. Easy, right?

Cyber insurance is tailor-made. The premium therefore depends on
various parameters:

  • your activity
  • turnover
  • preventive measures already taken

Materné scours the market for the appropriate insurance solution for your unique situation.

On average, a cyber-attack is only discovered after 3 months, with all its consequences.

Therefore, take the right insurance prevention measures. Do things still go wrong? Then you will have a reliable safety net.

In uncertain times, choose the security of your business.

The easy money often lies with the poorly secured SME.

The average damage from a cyber attack among SMEs exceeds €100,000. So it is naive to think you are less at risk because you have a small business.
Indeed, cybercrime can take many forms.

Even if it is a cyber incident, this is still your responsibility.
A liability insurance intervenes only in the event of fault and damage resulting from.

The claim will stick with you, which may put commercial relationships or the survival of your business at risk.

There are solutions for this too, separate insurance products and extensions for your policy.

  • Cyberbullying
  • Cyberstalking
  • Online defamation

Materné will be happy to take you through the possibilities.

Other solutions for optimal coverage

Take the uncertain as the sure thing and discover our insurance policies that perfectly match it.

Fraud insurance protects companies against financial losses due to fraud, deceit or dishonest actions of employees or third parties.
Protect your business against financial risks with credit insurance. Your invoices will be paid even if one of your customers goes bankrupt.
All risks electronics
All-risk electronics insurance for businesses and the self-employed provides comprehensive cover for all electronic devices.
Machine break
Machinery breakdown insurance protects companies against financial losses due to damage to equipment essential for business operations.
Corporate damage
This insurance guarantees your income when your business activity stops or slows down due to unforeseen circumstances at your premises.
Fire insurance offers broad protection for both tenants and property owners. In case of fire, as well as water damage, storm and theft.

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