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All risks electronics

All-risk electronics insurance for businesses and the self-employed provides comprehensive cover for all electronic devices.

What is All Risks Electronics insurance?

Today, electronic devices are indispensable to the success of any business.
PCs, laptops, tablets, monitors and TVs, printers, servers, alarm and telephone systems, telephones, etc.
If these necessary devices fail, this problem must be solved as soon as possible. Being out of business for too long is not an option. This electronics insurance provides comprehensive cover for all your electronic devices.

Avoid interruptions and keep performing smoothly.

Why All Risks Electronics?

Technological Evolution

Electronics are becoming increasingly sophisticated and expensive. Insurance protects your investments from rapidly changing technology.

Global coverage

Do you travel frequently on business? Global coverage can be provided for portable devices such as tablets, laptops and, in some cases, smartphones, among others. This keeps you covered during professional travel, wherever you are.

Avoid business interruptions

Faulty equipment leads to operational delays in your business. Minimise the risks by taking out tailor-made insurance.

What does All Risks Electronics insurance cover?

A all risk policy provides coverage in new replacement value for at least 5 years.
A fire policy usually involves immediate amortisation.
With our electronics insurance, you enjoy comprehensive coverage. Apart from a few exceptions such as wear and tear and internal defects (e.g. if you spill coffee on your laptop, drop it or it is stolen), almost every scenario is covered.
Our policies are flexible, tailored to your needs and those of your business. Do you want to place all your electronic devices under one predetermined maximum insured capital? Or are there specific devices that require extra protection? The choice is yours, so you can enjoy technology with confidence, without any headaches.

Frequently asked questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions about this insurance. Over the years, we have collected this information and summarise it here. Easy, right?

A lot of devices can be insured. Just think of smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, monitors, printers, telephones, telephone system, servers, coffee machines, etc. 

Materné offers tailor-made advice.

Have you purchased new electronic equipment? 

Contact Materné. We will review your contract and update if necessary.

We distinguish between fixed devices (printers, servers, etc.) and portable devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops). 

For portable devices, a global policy can be provided. After all, you don't take that printer with you on business trips anyway.

You can include an unlimited number of devices in one policy. As soon as you want to insure several appliances, it may be interesting to opt for a policy with a general insured capital. We will gladly advise you in which type of policy best suits your needs.

For portable devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), a specific coverage area is provided in your policy (e.g. Belgium, Europe or worldwide). Your devices are insured as long as you travel within the coverage area of your policy. 


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