Go through life with peace of mind - protect your warm home and precious possessions.

In unexpected emergencies, the cost of repair or reconstruction can quickly add up. With fire insurance, you can sleep on both ears.


Fire insurance offers broad protection for both tenants and property owners. In case of fire, as well as water damage, storm and theft.

Fire insurance for a warm home

A house is much more than four walls with a roof. It is a treasure chest brimming with memories and treasured possessions.

To protect those assets, you take out fire insurance.
Fire insurance provides a financial safety net not only in the event of a fire, but also:

  • Water damage
  • Electricity problems
  • Storm damage

Why fire insurance?

Your assets, your responsibility

This insurance consists of two parts:

  • Your assets are covered
  • Damage your property may cause to others is covered

Financial protection

Uncertainty is the only constant; you never know if and when your assets might be damaged. The right protection avoids you bearing financial consequences.

Compulsory insurance

Fire insurance is mandatory in many situations. Think of tenants, or
A mortgage requirement when financing the purchase of your new home.

What does fire insurance cover?

Fire insurance offers broad protection for both tenants and property owners. Each insurer makes its own mark, the following basic coverage typically includes damage caused by:

  • Fire, smoke, soot, lightning, scorch damage, short circuit, explosion, implosion
  • Leaking pipes, water damage
  • Severe wind, hail, snow and ice pressure
  • Broken windows, glass doors, glass cookers, mirrors, domes, etc.
  • Natural disasters: earthquakes, floods and landslides

Such scenarios often involve indirect costs. Supplementary on the basic covers can absorb the following costs:

  • Costs you incur to prevent worse damage
  • Demolition of damaged goods or clearance and transportation of debris
  • Storage of contents during repair work on your home
  • Housing when your home is declared uninhabitable
  • Appointment of experts

In addition, it is useful to reflect on the optional safeguards in case:

  • your valuables are broken into and stolen (e.g. jewellery, artefacts, electronics, etc.)
  • you have a fully equipped garden - usually it does not enjoy comprehensive coverage.
  • additional administrative costs are involved in a claim (e.g. for travel and telephone costs)

Tailor-made fire insurance is not a standard procedure for Materné; our all-risk policies offer comprehensive protection for ultimate peace of mind.

We understand that you do not just want a list of covered risks, but assurance that everything is covered (except what is explicitly excluded).

Frequently asked questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions about this insurance. Over the years, we have collected this information and summarise it here. Easy, right?

Not all insurers automatically provide cover for solar panels. Therefore, contact our office. Our team will be happy to review your fire insurance and notify your insurer if necessary.

The sums insured in all Belgian fire insurance policies are influenced by the ABEX index, which reflects construction prices.

If this index increases, the sums insured also increase, and thus the risk to the insurer. This leads to higher insurance premiums. This increase follows the same trend as inflation.

If you have damage due to a storm, it is covered in your fire insurance policy.

Storm wind is established when the wind speed at the meteorological station closest to your property reaches a peak of at least 80 km/h.

Even if the wind speed at the RMI station does not reach this 80 km/h, storm damage may still be covered by your fire insurance if similar buildings in your area suffer damage from similar weather conditions.

Contact our office to start your claim file.

This depends on the block policy, so do not automatically assume you are insured.

Your personal contents are almost never insured through the block policy. Therefore, we have already advised several co-owners to take out additional fire insurance.

Contact our office for an enlightening consultation.

Take immediate action and try to minimise that water damage.
If possible, shut off the water supply. Contact our experts to appoint a leak search company to help you out further.

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