Fund your pension through your company

With IPT insurance, you benefit from attractive advantages both as a manager and as a company.

Individual pension commitment for the self-employed (IPT)

An Individual Pension Pledge is designed to build up a supplementary pension over and above the statutory pension scheme for self-employed workers.

A win-win for your pension as well as your company

A smart move within the second pillar of the pension system.

The second pension pillar comprises the supplementary pensions people accrue as part of their career. This supplementary pension is additional to the statutory pension.

With IPT insurance, you invest in your supplementary pension through your company. This insurance is also known as an Individual Pension Commitment.

Build your financial security of tomorrow today.

Why choose IPT?

Pension savings through your company

With IPT insurance, as a company director, you do not need to set aside private money for your pension. After all, the company pays the premium. The final capital ends up in your account, not your company's.

Tax benefit

Under certain conditions, all premiums are tax deductible as professional expenses. This means you pay less taxes.

The premiums paid by your company are not taxed in your personal income taxes. This has all kinds of advantages for you as a self-employed person. The pension capital is only taxed when you withdraw it (at a favourable tax rate).

Property finance

Did you know that it is possible to invest an advance of your accumulated pension capital in a home?

Make your real estate dreams come true with the option to call up part of your accumulated pension capital early via an advance payment for property purchase or renovation.

What does IPT insurance cover?

Plot the path to your retirement with IPT insurance.

Choose the premium that suits you annually, tailored to your unique situation and retirement goals. Payments can be staggered to fit perfectly into your financial plan.
The risk level is one of the most important aspects that shape your IPT insurance.
Your choice depends on your investment goals and what risks you want to take.
Branch 21: Go for guaranteed returns without capital risk.
Branch 23: Or choose to invest in funds, where returns are variable.
IPT insurance opens the door to extra protection for you and your family in unforeseen situations.
Possible additional safeguards:

Death cover: a capital payment to your survivors

Accident insurance: additional coverage in case of accidental death

Premium refund for long-term disability: refund of premiums

Interest on disability: Monthly interest payment

Frequently asked questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions about this insurance. Over the years, we have collected this information and summarise it here. Easy, right?

This insurance is also available to wage earners in the form of a dynamic group insurance. With this, your company awards benefits to specific team members.

Discover the flexibility and benefits for both employer and employee.

The accumulated pension reserve is secured. Even in challenging times, this capital remains untouchable.

Materné guarantees financial peace of mind whatever the circumstances.


A VAPZ offers benefits in both personal income tax and social security contributions.
An IPT offers corporate tax benefits.

A VAPZ makes the best use of tax space faster.
With an IPT, you have more leeway for additional deposits, even within the 80% rule.

Opt for an IPT and build on your pension in a tax-friendly way. Or leave it to your company.

These are additional contributions that fill pension gaps for years when you did not have IPT insurance or years when pension accrual was not maximised.
These can be paid all at once or over several financial years.

To take out IPT insurance with your company, regular and monthly company remuneration is a requirement.

Other options do exist for building up pension capital, including a VAPZ.

Contact us for an information meeting where we will explore the possibilities together.

Other solutions for optimal coverage

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