How does Materné's emergency number work?

Our emergency number is also manned outside office hours by our own claims staff. These are in contact with each other via a call forwarding system.

When you call, colleague 1 receives a call that lasts 20 seconds.

If the latter does not answer, the call is automatically transferred to colleague 2, who also gets 20 seconds to answer.

Don't get anyone on the line after 40 seconds? Then leave a voicemail message. A claims representative will contact you as soon as possible after listening carefully to your message.

Be sure to leave a voice memo. That way, our colleagues can start the preparatory work before calling you back.

When can I call the emergency number?

Urgent calls and emergencies usually have to do with damage, which is why our in-house damage team is available in their spare time.

Given the exceptional nature of this service, the emergency service is manned on mobile. Our staff will answer your call wherever they are at the time. Therefore, they do not always have their PC at their fingertips.

During office hours, our team has the most comprehensive tools at its disposal, ensuring that it enjoys the best possible service.

In what situations can I call the emergency number?

Severe damage to your property

To take the right measures so that you avoid additional damage, we recommend contacting your insurance broker.

Car impounded

Your car is in danger of being impounded because you cannot produce a valid insurance certificate.

Tips for always having a valid certificate of insurance on board:

  1. Complete each payment request immediately so that the company can send you a new certificate of insurance in time.

  2. Put the insurance certificate in your car immediately.

  3. Place a reminder in your diary to check annually whether your insurance certificate is still valid. This way, you will avoid a police check more urgently.

  4. Going on a trip? A week before your departure, check all board documents for validity during your foreign stay.

In what situations is the emergency number unnecessary?

Car accident

Reporting a car accident. Please forward your collision form to

Other questions

Every question is important, but not all questions are urgent.

Non-urgent questions or reports can go to be put.

Tips for avoiding the emergency number:

For car insurance

Your car insurance certificate may show the assistance number if not, you can consult the list below.

For fire insurance

Your fire insurance policy may contain the assistance number in case of burglary, water damage or fire if not, you can consult the list below.

Call 112

Call the emergency services (Police, fire brigade, storm emergency number,...) if you are in human distress.

The other side of the coin

We know from experience that being reachable in distress is hugely appreciated. And that's why we do it.
But occasionally, communication goes through where there is less urgency. This is counterproductive.
That is why we are counting on you. We can only continue to offer this service if it is not unnecessarily burdened. Can it wait until tomorrow during office hours? Or are you really in need?

Whatever the situation, Materné is happy to help.

Materné emergency number

Materné can be reached during office hours at +32 (0)3 326 38 80
For emergencies: after office hours on the mobile number +32 (0)472 58 30 75

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