Is your house tilting? The BA-10 will keep you upright.


If hidden defects come to light within the first 10 years after the completion of a construction project, the BA-10 can cover costs of repairs.

Bulky renovations require stable insurance

If the stability or watertightness of your building is compromised by renovations, then BA-10 insurance is mandatory. Regardless of who is liable, this insurance will compensate you for the damage suffered.

Why a BA-10?

Avoid an endless search

This insurance saves time and headaches by skipping the search for who is liable for damage to your building. Regardless of who the liable party is, we immediately proceed with compensation.

Hidden defects

During the first 10 years after the completion of a construction project, hidden defects may come to light. These defects range from structural problems to defects in installations.
The 10-year liability insurance covers the cost of repairs and any damages resulting from such hidden defects.

Bankruptcy of contractor

If the contractor goes bankrupt during the ten-year liability period and damages occur during the same period, it is difficult to get compensation. Ten-year liability insurance provides a financial safety net for the builder in case of such unforeseen circumstances.

What does BA-10 insurance cover?

Ten-year liability insurance is compulsory insurance that covers liability for any defects that endanger the stability of a structure. If damage occurs within the 10-year period after completion of the structure as a result of these defects, the insurance covers the costs arising from any claims.
BA-10 insurance is mandatory for architects, contractors and other service providers in the construction industry. In particular, this obligation applies to construction projects where:

  • the intervention of an architect is required
  • a building permit was issued for a residence in Belgium


However, we recommend subscribing to this policy as a builder. That way, you take control.

Frequently asked questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions about this insurance. Over the years, we have collected this information and summarise it here. Easy, right?

Legally, the contractor must take out BA-10 insurance.

However, we recommend that you, as the owner of the building, take out a BA-10 policy yourself. This is because the contractor only insures his own liability (not the full liability of all parties involved in the construction project).

Given that several parties are involved in construction or remodelling (contractor, architect, stability engineer, etc.), when damage occurs, it is determined who is liable. Determining that liability is usually done by the court.

Avoid protracted litigation by taking out ten-year liability insurance as an owner yourself. This way, you will be compensated regardless of liability. And all parties involved (contractor, architect, stability engineer, etc.) are insured.

This insurance is mandatory for works where the stability of the building may be compromised, requiring the intervention of an architect and planning permission (e.g. removal/movement of retaining walls/supporting beams).

Yes, this insurance takes care of such errors.

Before starting the works, it is important to request a certificate of coverage from the contractor.

If the contractor goes bankrupt afterwards, you can prove that the contractor's liability was covered at the beginning of the works. In that case, the insurer will reimburse the bankrupt contractor's share.

Nevertheless, we always recommend that owners take out their own BA-10 insurance.

Insurance must be arranged before the start of work. Therefore, contact Materné in good time.

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