Building without headaches, the dream of every Belgian with that proverbial brick in his stomach.

Unfortunately, our experience tells us that it often goes wrong.

That is why All Construction Site Risks insurance protects your construction project when it does not go as planned.


ABR insurance offers dual protection: for damage to your yard on the one hand, and for damage caused by your yard to others on the other.

What is an insurance ABR?

As a client or contractor, you know that construction projects are full of risks. From collapsing walls to theft of building materials... you name it, it can go wrong.
The All Construction Site Risks insurance provides two-fold protection: firstly, for damage to your yard itself, and secondly, for damage caused by your yard to others.

Why ABR insurance?

Keep building with confidence

Lengthy discussions about damage to your yard... You no longer have to worry about that. No more wrangling over who is at fault or who should pay for the damage.
Time is money, your ABR insurance relieves you and reimburses you without questioning liability.

Better a good neighbour than a distant friend

Nothing is more annoying than neighbours experiencing damage to their property due to your works. Don't worry, this too is covered in our ABR insurance. Your peace of mind as well as all surrounding properties are in good hands with Materné.

Protection of your investment

Renovations are projects in which you invest significant amounts of money. ABR insurance protects your investment against unforeseen circumstances that delay project progress or drive up costs.

What does ABR insurance cover?

Peace of mind is invaluable, especially on the construction site. Our ABR insurance serves as a shield for any construction partner wishing to guard against unwanted damage, both to the works and on the site itself.
What really sets this insurance policy apart? It protects every construction partner. We do not waste valuable time trying to find the guilty party. Our insurance offers direct intervention for damage on site. Moreover, an additional section can be added to cover third-party damage.
Speed and efficiency are central to our approach. Is it clear that it is a covered claim? Then the claims process switches to a higher gear.
All parties involved can sleep on both ears: the principal, contractor, subcontractors, architects, engineers, safety coordinators, engineering firms, etc.

Our ABR insurance builds a solid foundation of protection and confidence. Damages are turned into opportunities, obstacles turn into milestones on your path to success.

Frequently asked questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions about this insurance. Over the years, we have collected this information and summarise it here. Easy, right?

Contractors and architects usually only cover their own liability through a liability insurance. In the event of a claim, there is a chance that they will try to disclaim liability. Is an ABR taken out through the contractor or architect anyway? Then these are usually limited in content.
Therefore, take your construction site into your own hands. If you, the builder, take out ABR insurance yourself, we do not look at who is liable. We immediately proceed with compensation, regardless of liability. You have the reins in your own hands when putting together your policy.

Once your building is wind and watertight, you should have a fire insurance conclude.
Therefore, always stay in communication with Materné so that your insurance portfolio evolves with your construction project.

Definitely preserve your fire insurance during the renovations, even if you take ABR insurance. In fact, there may be damages that are independent of the renovations, which the ABR insurance does not intervene in.

This damage will be compensated in your ABR insurance, as you are the policyholder. ABR insurance always compensates, regardless of who is liable for the damage.

One of the factors that plays a role in determining the premium is the shape of your property (closed development, semi-open development or open development). A single dwelling therefore enjoys a more favourable rate than an adjoining one.

Other solutions for optimal coverage

Take the uncertain as the sure thing and discover our insurance policies that perfectly match it.

If hidden defects come to light within the first 10 years after the completion of a construction project, the BA-10 can cover costs of repairs.
Accident insurance protects you from the financial consequences of accidents or injuries. Materné will compare the options with you.
Fire insurance ensures financial peace of mind and business continuity when your business suffers financial losses due to fire, among other things.
Family insurance protects you from the financial consequences of damage caused by you, your family members or your pets. Materné compares your options.

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