Family insurance is an investment in a worry-free future.

Avoid paying personally for financial consequences of damage caused to you, your family members or your pets. Take control of your family life with this thoughtful cover.


Family insurance protects you from the financial consequences of damage caused by you, your family members or your pets. Materné compares your options.

Breaking pot is paying pot

Anyone who causes damage to someone or someone's property is liable for compensation.
A family insurance policy catches the financial consequences of this.
Therefore, this insurance is a must in your insurance portfolio.

Why family insurance?

An accident happens quickly

Sometimes it is just brute bad luck and you have to take responsibility for your unintentional actions.

Will you stand your own financial consequences? Or do you choose to maintain your financial stability?

Not just for parents

Even without children, things can occasionally go wrong. Just think of a precious vase you accidentally knock over at a friend's house. Or not paying attention while crossing the street, causing a car to swerve and cause an accident....

Peace of mind

Life is full of unexpected events, but for a small amount you will enjoy peace of mind.

What does family insurance cover?

Family insurance protects you from the financial consequences of damage caused by you, your family members or your pets.

Whether it is reimbursing medical expenses or replacing damaged property, this insurance takes the financial burden off you.

Different formulas, tailored to your unique situation.

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Frequently asked questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions about family insurance. Over the years, we have collected this information and summarise it here. Easy, right?

Although family insurance is not compulsory, it provides an important form of financial protection and peace of mind in unexpected situations.

Insurance protects your personal finances. It also reimburses possible financial burdens that come with minimising liability claims.

This is a consideration when taking out family insurance.
Several insurers provide extensions for this.
Materné will be happy to show you around.

No, there must always be fault, damage and causation.

Moreover, every insurer includes standard exclusions such as intentional actions. Depending on your policy conditions, there is also an exemption included that you have to pay yourself to an opposing party.

Moreover, it is important to always act like a good family man.
Insurers expect you to always act in good faith and take reasonable precautions to prevent losses.

The premium for family insurance varies depending on several factors:

  • the safeguards you choose
  • your family situation
  • other individual circumstances

Children are just one of the many factors involved in determining your premium.

Family insurance is designed to provide coverage for liability in case of damage you, your family members or your pets cause to others.

This insurance is not intended to cover your own damages.

Other solutions for optimal coverage

Take the uncertain as certain and discover our insurance policies that perfectly suit family insurance for individuals.

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Domestic staff insurance protects you against liability for injuries or damages sustained by your domestic staff while they work for you.
Legal aid
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