Your business and your associated fleet are growing. That's good news, including for your insurance.

Discover our fleet approach with scaled rates that grow with your success.


Fleet insurance allows companies with several vehicles to insure all vehicles under one policy. Materné protects your fleet.

What is fleet insurance?

With our fleet insurance, your commercial vehicles hit the road with terms tailored to your needs.
We eliminate administrative hassles and offer fixed rates for the entire fleet, regardless of the driver.
Annually, we adjust coverage based on your business growth.

Why do I need fleet insurance?

Time is money

Time is money - everyone knows that. With this approach, you will free up more time for your core business. Leave insurance administration to us with peace of mind.

More favourable rates

Mass is cash - the same goes for your fleet.
By bundling all your vehicles under one fleet rate, you will receive more favourable terms.
This is possible from as little as five commercial vehicles.

Annual monitoring

By subscribing to fleet insurance, your fleet will be monitored every year.
This keeps your rates in line with the market.

What does fleet insurance cover?

Our fleet insurance lays the ideal foundation for the rapid growth of your business.
You accelerate with peace of mind. Because every vehicle in your fleet benefits from conditions tailored specifically to your business.
Our fleet conditions are drawn up on the basis of a fixed, all-inclusive rate for all vehicles, even without a specific driver. You do not have to apply for damage certificates or bear the cost of junior staff, as they deserve growth opportunities too.
Are you purchasing new vehicles? We monitor your fleet annually to ensure your policy stays in line with the evolution of your business.
Fleet structures can be set up on various safeguards:

  • the mandatory BA
  • omnium
  • assistance
  • driver coverage
  • legal aid

Frequently asked questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions about this insurance. Over the years, we have collected this information and summarise it here. Easy, right?

Fleet insurance can cover different types of vehicles:

  • cars
  • vans
  • trucks
  • other commercial vehicles

Still, but it looks generally at claims statistics rather than a driver's individual claims history.
If your fleet is accident-prone, this naturally translates into the rate structure.
A good prevention policy with your staff is then in order. In this too, Materné can assist you.

You can underwrite fleet insurance from as little as five vehicles.
Contact Materné to receive your fleet proposal.

Unlike individual insurance policies for each vehicle, fleet insurance provides cover for all vehicles under one policy.
Therefore, managing them is more efficient and often more cost-effective.

Fleet insurance offers convenience and is easy to manage.
Often the cost is lower per vehicle and you enjoy more uniform coverage and terms for the whole fleet.

Other solutions for optimal coverage

Take the uncertain as the sure thing and discover our insurance policies that perfectly match it.

Assistance insurance helps you in case of problems or emergencies. It offers help with breakdown assistance or medical assistance. Discover the possibilities at Materné.
Legal aid
Legal expenses insurance protects your business and/or family in various legal matters, depending on the cover you choose. Materné goes over your options.
Accident insurance protects you from the financial consequences of accidents or injuries. Materné will compare the options with you.

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