There you are, next to the motorway with cars racing by, a flat tyre and perhaps children in the back seat.

It is just one of the many situations you would rather not think about when getting into the car.

We take you through the options for assistance insurance.


Assistance insurance helps you in case of problems or emergencies. It offers help with breakdown assistance or medical assistance. Discover the possibilities at Materné.

What is assistance insurance?

Assistance insurance is for more than just breakdown on the road.


  • medical emergencies abroad
  • repatriation
  • search and rescue costs
  • luggage
  • cancellation
  • a death in the family

There is a suitable solution for every trip. Materné completely matches your needs with your insurance product.

Why get assistance insurance?

Increasing costs abroad

  • Early return home with repatriation of a vehicle from France: + €5,000
  • Traffic accident abroad with repatriation of travelling companions: + € 10,000
  • Treatment of appendicitis in the US: + €30,000

Thus, the amounts keep adding up. You'd rather not pay that yourself.

In some countries, you need to present proof that you are insured for a sufficient (or unlimited) capital in medical expenses.

Discover the world with confidence

Discovering new places and cultures, travelling... It's brilliant. But it can turn into a nightmare just as quickly:

  • if you lose travel documents
  • your luggage does not arrive
  • you (or a family member) are admitted to a foreign hospital
  • an illness forces you to cancel your trip

Then you want an experienced assistance insurer like Materné on your side, including our underlying rescue network.

You don't have to do everything yourself

There are plenty of situations where you would rather not solve everything yourself.
With assistance insurance, you count on our expert network.

What does assistance insurance cover?

Assistance insurance policies vary widely. After all, each assistance insurer has its own benefits.

Materné matches your needs to the right policy.
Some of the options available within assistance insurance:

Medical emergencies

In case of unexpected illness, injury or health problems during your trip, medical assistance and repatriation will be arranged.

Car breakdown or accidents

If your vehicle has problems on the road, the emergency services are already on their way (towing service, possible repairs or replacement transport).

Loss of travel documents

In case of loss or theft of important documents such as credit cards, passports or identity cards, the assistance insurance will help arrange for new copies.

Trip cancellation

If your travel plans have to be cancelled unexpectedly due to illness or family problems, assistance insurance will help recover expenses.

Delayed flights or baggage

In case of delayed flights or luggage, assistance insurance offers help with accommodation arrangements and necessary purchases.

Natural disasters or political unrest

If you face natural disasters, political unrest or other emergencies at your destination, assistance insurance provides help with evacuation.

Local language and communication issues

In situations where language barriers or cultural differences play a role, assistance insurance mediates to resolve misunderstandings.

Home assistance

This guarantee provides help in case of home emergencies.

  • plumbing or electrical problems
  • locking of keys in the house
  • other incidents you may experience at home

Discover all the advantages of this insurance

Frequently asked questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions about assistance insurance. Over the years, we have collected this information and summarise it here. Easy, right?

Contact Materné on 03/326.38.80.
Our expert staff will switch you directly to the right contacts.

Depending on the type of policy, this is certainly possible. We understand that you want to hit the road worry-free (regardless of the purpose of your trip).

No, this insurance is not compulsory.

However, there are some countries that require insurance certificates before you enter the country. Therefore, request your attestation in good time.

If you travel for a longer period, additional cover often needs to be taken out.

Most insurers limit their cover to a maximum of 3 months (but this can be extended).

No, when you take out travel insurance, the insured persons are always included by name.

Therefore, be sure to inform us of the birth of your child, or any changes in your family composition.

Other solutions for optimal coverage

Take the uncertain as the sure thing and discover our insurance policies that perfectly match assistance insurance for individuals.

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