Why is legal expenses insurance necessary in 2024?

This insurance can be invaluable when you unexpectedly find yourself in a legal dispute.

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What is legal expenses insurance?

A legal expenses insurance is a type of insurance that provides help with legal issues. It covers the cost of legal assistance, such as attorney fees, court costs, and other legal expenses. This insurance can be invaluable when you unexpectedly find yourself in a legal dispute. Read more on our page about the legal expenses insurance.

Why is legal expenses insurance necessary?

  • Legal expertise always at your fingertips
    Legal expenses insurance gives you access to legal advice from experienced lawyers. This can help you better understand legal problems and take the right steps. Whether it is a dispute with an employer, a dispute with a neighbour, or problems with a supplier, expert help is always available.
  • Financial protection
    Legal proceedings can be expensive. Lawyer fees, court costs and other legal expenses can add up quickly. Legal expenses insurance covers these costs, so you don't have to worry about the financial burden a legal dispute can bring.
  • Preventive legal advice
    Many legal expenses insurance policies offer preventive legal advice. This means that you can seek advice before a conflict arises, thus preventing problems. This can help you avoid legal pitfalls and better protect your rights.

What does legal expenses insurance cover?

Legal expenses insurance cover can vary, but usually includes the following components:

  • Legal advice
    You can seek legal advice on a variety of issues, including employment law, tenancy law, family law, and consumer law. This advice can help you understand your rights and take the right steps to prevent or resolve problems.
  • Amicable settlements
    Before a case goes to court, insurers often first try to resolve the dispute amicably. This means they try to reach an agreement without going to court. This can save time and money.
  • Costs of legal proceedings
    If litigation is unavoidable, insurance covers the costs of the proceedings. This includes legal fees, court costs, and the cost of any experts needed to support your case.
  • Reimbursement of counterparty costs
    In some cases, legal expenses insurance also covers the costs you have to pay to the other party if you lose the case. This may include, for example, the other party's litigation fee and lawyer's fees.

When do you need legal expenses insurance?

  • Conflicts at work
    Labour disputes are a common reason to have legal expenses insurance. Whether it is wrongful dismissal, salary disputes, or problems with working conditions, legal help can be essential to defend your rights.
  • Disputes with neighbours
    Conflicts with neighbours over issues such as noise pollution, property boundaries, or other irritations can get out of hand. Legal expenses insurance can help resolve these conflicts legally.
  • Consumer disputes
    Problems with purchases, warranties, or services from suppliers can lead to legal disputes. Legal expenses insurance provides protection and advice to resolve these problems.
  • Family law cases
    Family law issues such as divorce, custody disputes, and inheritance law can be complex and emotionally taxing. Legal assistance is crucial to navigate through these difficult times.


Legal expenses insurance provides comprehensive protection and support in legal conflicts. It gives you access to expert advice, covers legal costs, and helps prevent problems. Whether it is an employment dispute, a dispute with a neighbour, or a consumer issue, legal expenses insurance ensures you are not alone. Consider getting a legal expenses insurance close and protect yourself from the high costs and stress of legal problems. To do so, contact us via the contact form on our website or call us at 03/326.38.38.

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