What insurance does a start-up need in 2024?

There is no standard insurance package for start-ups, as each business carries unique risks.

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When starting your own business, it is essential to prepare a good insurance plan. But there is no standard insurance package for start-ups, as each business carries unique risks.

An overview of the most important insurance policies for start-ups is crucial. Looking for a clear picture of what you need? Then make a appointment with one of our experts. Below are the different types of insurance that every start-up should consider, divided into categories:


Liability insurance provides protection against third-party claims for damages or injuries for which you can be held responsible. This can range from personal accidents to business liabilities, and it is crucial for both individuals and businesses to protect themselves against potential financial consequences of such claims.

  • Liability insurance: Every business, regardless of size, is at risk of being involved in liability claims. This insurance provides coverage for third-party claims, such as injuries or property damage caused by your company's activities.
  • Directors' liability insurance: As a company director, you can be held personally liable for mistakes or negligence in your management position. This insurance protects you against (personal) financial losses due to claims.

Income and pension

Income and pension insurance are essential to provide financial security for yourself and your family in case of disability, unemployment or retirement. These policies ensure that you maintain a stable income even if you are temporarily or permanently unable to work.

  • Insurance guaranteed income: This insurance provides a monthly benefit in case of disability due to illness or injury, protecting your income
  • Pension insurance: Supplementary pension accrual is essential for self-employed people, given that the statutory pension is usually insufficient. Various pension insurance schemes offer options to save for later with tax benefits. These include VAPZ, IPT, pension savings, long-term savings, etc
  • Turnover insurance: Turnover insurance provides you, the business owner, with protection against loss of revenue due to unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, illness or injury to the business owner, or other business impeding factors. It allows your business to maintain financial stability by receiving compensation for lost revenue during the insured period


Health insurance policies are essential to cover the cost of medical care. They ensure that you have access to the best medical treatments without worrying about high costs. Whether it is regular check-ups or complex treatments, good insurance offers peace of mind.

  • Hospitalisation insurance: Besides insuring your business, it is also important to protect your own health. Hospitalisation insurance provides cover for medical expenses associated with hospitalisation.
  • Ambulatory and dental insurance: Outpatient and dental care insurance provides cover for medical expenses that do not involve hospitalisation. These include visits to the GP, specialist consultations, physiotherapy, and dental care. This insurance helps you manage the cost of regular medical and dental treatments, so you won't face unexpected financial surprises.


Vehicle insurance provides coverage for damage to your vehicle and for damage you may cause to others while driving. Whether you own a car, motorbike, or other vehicle, proper insurance protects you from unexpected costs and legal complications.

  • Vehicle insurance: Your commercial vehicles should be insured for third-party liability and can be optionally extended with additional cover such as collision damage, theft and vandalism.


Property insurance protects your possessions from damage caused by things like fire, theft or natural disasters. Whether it is your home, contents or business premises, these insurances help you restore or replace your possessions without financial stress.

  • Fire insurance: To protect your business operations from financial losses due to property damage caused by fire, water damage, storm or other covered events, fire insurance is necessary.


In an increasingly digital world, cyber insurance is crucial to protect against digital threats such as hacking, data breaches and cyber attacks. This insurance helps cover recovery and compensation costs, and provides support in securing your digital environment.

  • Cyber insurance: In the digital age, cyber security has become a priority. Cyber insurance provides protection against the financial consequences of cyber attacks, data breaches and other cyber-related risks.


Legal expenses insurance provides cover for the cost of legal assistance in disputes and lawsuits. The exact coverage depends on the formula you subscribe to. As a business owner, we always recommend you go for the most comprehensive cover so you can sleep on both ears. For this cover, whether it is labour disputes, consumer issues or other legal problems, this insurance ensures that you can seek legal help without high costs.

  • Legal expenses insurance: Disputes can be expensive and seriously damage your business. Legal expenses insurance provides legal assistance and coverage for the cost of court proceedings, dispute resolution and other legal issues.


Workplace accident insurance is required by law and also essential for companies to protect their staff from work-related accidents. This insurance ensures a safe and supported working environment.


Starting your own business brings unique challenges and risks. It is therefore crucial to prepare a well-thought-out insurance plan. As cited earlier, there are several insurance policies that start-ups should consider, including liability insurance, income and pension insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance, property insurance, cyber insurance, legal expenses insurance, and insurance for employees.

By investing in these insurances, you can ensure the continuity of your business and protect yourself from unexpected financial setbacks. Every business is unique, so it is essential to have a tailor-made insurance plan that specifically suits your company's risks and needs.

Do you have any questions or want advice on which insurance is best for your business? Feel free to contact us via the contact form on our website or call us at 03/326.38.80. Our experts are ready to help you create an insurance plan that gives your business the protection it needs. Don't wait any longer and make sure you are properly insured.

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