The financial value of jewellery is one thing.

The emotional value and nostalgic memories attached to them... Those are irreplaceable.

Protect your precious treasures with jewellery insurance.


Jewellery insurance protects your gems and precious jewellery against loss, theft or damage. Compare the options at Materné.

Enjoy your valuables with peace of mind

Jewellery insurance is invaluable for anyone who owns valuable items. After all, you prefer to wear jewellery without fear.

Why do I get my jewellery insured?

Fire insurance is often inadequate

Fire insurers provide limits for specific items, including jewellery. These limits are separate from your general insured capital. So you will be in for unpleasant surprises in case of damage.

Specific risks

Jewellery is susceptible to specific risks such as gem loss.
Good insurance covers these dangers.

Your expectations are higher than the final fee

In fire insurance, jewellery is compensated at replacement value. That is, the value on the second-hand market.

This value fluctuates constantly. Perhaps the fee barely covers the weight of gold.

What does jewellery insurance cover?

Jewellery insurance goes beyond standard fire insurance. The compensation limits and insured emergency scenarios are much more comprehensive.

This niche insurance offers all-risk cover. This means that everything is insured except what is excluded.

The value to be insured is always agreed with the insurer in advance. This way, you avoid discussions in case of damage - and you are compensated quickly.

  • For new jewellery, the value is equivalent to the purchase invoice.
  • In the case of antique jewellery, people rely on valuation reports from professionals.

Frequently asked questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions about this insurance. Over the years, we have collected this information and summarise it here. Easy, right?

You can take various measures, ranging from an alarm to safes.
Specific prevention measures depend on the value to be insured.

Materné will be happy to advise you on the best measures in your unique situation.

Yes, this insurance is started on the basis of a recent purchase invoice or valuation report.

Of course, this policy is modular.

Keep in mind that any adjustment in value should always be able to be refuted by a recent valuation report.

Absolutely. Your insurance portfolio is an interplay between different insurance products.

As an insurance broker, Materné is always ready to advise on your unique situation. This is how you avoid overinsurance.

Some exceptions not covered by jewellery insurance:

  • aesthetic damage
  • natural phenomena (oxidation, wear, colour change, etc.)
  • lack of maintenance or precaution

Materné will inform you of any exceptions at the offer stage.

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