What if your customers don't pay?

Do you then cover the commercial risks yourself, or do you opt for credit insurance?


Protect your business against financial risks with credit insurance. Your invoices will be paid even if one of your customers goes bankrupt.

What is credit insurance?

Credit insurance guarantees that you will always be paid for your delivered products and services. Even if one of your customers goes bankrupt.

Why choose credit insurance?

Your loyal customers can also run into financial difficulties

There is no such thing as certainty. And certainly not in the current economic climate.

Credit insurance examines your customers' creditworthiness. Even your biggest customers can get into financial trouble - and consequently so can you.

Upon your customer's bankruptcy, you need to book this loss and compensate it by generating additional turnover.

Fingers crossed?

If you do not have credit insurance, you are responsible for screening your customers yourself. Then you run the risk of non-payment.

This could jeopardise your business continuity. Costs pile up, as collecting outstanding invoices through a collection agency is not free - and offers no guarantee.

Growing with peace of mind

With less risk of default, you can be confident:

  • accept larger customers
  • expand your business activities
  • stay focused on your core business

Your investments in production, inventory and delivery are protected, even if payments fail to materialise.

What does credit insurance cover?

If your customer does not pay, collection proceedings will be initiated by your insurer.
Still unable to collect your bill?
Then your insurance policy takes effect and guarantees payment.
Strengthen your company's financial health and contribute to improved risk management through credit insurance. Choose financial security: whether you operate in Belgium or do business internationally, your goods and services will be paid for.
The creditworthiness of any prospect or existing customer can be investigated. Then your insurer will determine up to what amount you are insured for this customer.

Frequently asked questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions about this insurance. Over the years, we have collected this information and summarise it here. Easy, right?

Credit insurance is always tailor-made. There are several factors that affect the premium model, such as:

  • your sales
  • the permitted payment period
  • your customer's country
  • the sector in which you operate

Materné is at your side with specialised niche insurers.

Credit insurance complements other risk management measures, such as credit assessments and internal procedures.
This insurance also provides an extra layer of protection by covering financial losses due to non-payment.

A collection agency focuses on collecting outstanding debts, but does not offer financial compensation for losses.

Credit insurance covers financial losses due to non-payment.

Yes, credit limits can be adjusted according to the growth of your business and changing circumstances.

Yes, some credit insurers offer the option of obtaining cover for specific countries or regions, depending on your international trade activities.

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