You and your employees have a long-term vision

With group insurance, you are doing pension accrual together.

Group insurance pension accrual

Group insurance pension accrual offers your employees a supplementary form of remuneration. They acquire financial security on top of their statutory pension.

Reward your company's human capital

Group pension insurance offers your employees an interesting additional form of remuneration. They gain financial security for their future retirement years, on top of the statutory pension.
This flexible arrangement can also include additional coverages, such as:

  • death cover
  • guaranteed income
  • disability premium waiver

Why group insurance pension accrual?

Attract talent

A comprehensive remuneration package, including group insurance, can convince potential employees to choose your company in the competitive job market.

Meet expectations

Group insurance is considered a standard benefit in many industries.
By offering this insurance, your company meets employee expectations.
You increase overall satisfaction.


Group insurance is a flexible tool where you, the employer, are in control:

  • Determine exactly how much you save for your employees.
  • Choose which additional safeguards are endorsed.

What does group pension insurance cover?

Besides standard pension accrual, it offers the flexibility to integrate death cover for your employees. You determine the capital, regardless of the accumulated reserve.

Add extra security by opting for guaranteed income. In case of disability, your employees will receive an additional guaranteed amount of up to 70 to 80% of their salary on top of the health insurance benefit.

In addition, there is the possibility of contribution waiver. The insurer finances the part of pension accrual in case of disability of your employee. This relieves you of the burden of paying contributions.

In short, make your group insurance a versatile tool that perfectly suits your unique needs and optimises your employees' financial protection.

Frequently asked questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions about this insurance. Over the years, we have collected this information and summarise it here. Easy, right?

Premium payments for pension accrual and any supplementary disability cover will cease.

The employee can choose to transfer the saved reserve to the group insurance through his new employer.
Does the employee not do so? Then the saved reserve will remain with the current insurer and the employee will receive interest on the amount already saved every year.

If the guarantee premium waiver provided for in your contract, then the insurer will take over your obligations as an employer. The insurer then pays this premium pension accrual.
This way, you protect not only your employee, but also yourself.
Contact Materné to find out if this deposit is included in your policy.

The return depends on the formula chosen. You choose between:

  • Branch-21 savings formula (with guaranteed return)
  • Branch-23 savings formula (where the money is invested in a savings fund)

By law, the employer must guarantee at least 1.75% return. Most companies offer this return, so you as an employer have one less worry.
Contact Materné to find the right partner insurer for you.

As an employer, you can underwrite group insurance for a particular category.
This category must meet the legal requirements: open, objective, non-discriminatory.
Examples of categories are:

  • Clerks
  • Business leaders
  • Commercials
  • Heads of service
  • Board members
  • Cadres

As an employer, you can choose to charge part of the premium to your employee.
Contact Materné to check out the possibilities.

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