Like an airbag, transport insurance offers a soft landing for your business.

Your fleet and cargo are insured when the road gets bumpy.


Transport insurance protects companies against loss or damage to goods during transport. Consider risks such as accidents, fire, etc.

The transport insurance that doesn't cut corners

Your goods need to be moved from point A to point B. With logistics and transport, goods make their way across vast networks of roads, waterways and airways.

If something goes wrong along the way, the success of your ventures can suddenly take an unexpected turn.

At these crucial times, transport insurance serves as the appropriate safety net for companies.

Why do I need transport insurance?

Meet contractual obligations

Many clients and customers require you to have transport insurance before they engage with you. So, transport insurance can help you attract new clients.

As a professional carrier, you are liable unless you prove otherwise

Normally, the expression: "He who demands, proves" applies.
In the case of damage caused by a professional transporter, the situation is different. He is liable unless he proves otherwise.

Business continuity

An accident is in a small corner. Don't let an accident determine the financial course of your business.

What does transport insurance cover?

There are several transport insurance policies available. Each with their own specific coverage and target group.
Materné will be happy to advise you which protection meets your expectations.

CMR insurance

CMR insurance protects the professional freight forwarder. It can be contractually liable from receipt to delivery of the entrusted goods. For any damage, loss, delay, etc.

CTA insurance

CTA insurance protects the carrier against contractual liability for damage or loss of towed trailers, as well as third-party trailers and containers.

Own-account transport of goods

This policy provides cover for the damage or loss of goods transported on your own account (overturned vehicles, van break-in, burst tyres, etc.).

Think of merchandise, entrusted goods of customers and tools damaged along the way.

Frequently asked questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions about this insurance. Over the years, we have collected this information and summarise it here. Easy, right?

Although it is not compulsory, it is recommended.
Your goods and equipment are at risk of damage en route due to various conditions.
Materné will guide you in choosing the beneficial solutions for your business activities.

The director is always liable unless he can disprove it.

Whether it's unforeseen circumstances, poor packaging, or a mistake on the recipient's side... The carrier always faces a challenge when it has to prove that it did not commit an error.

Under the CMR Convention, the carrier's liability is limited to about €10/kg or the freight price in case of delay.

However, this contrasts sharply with the actual damage.
Fortunately, Materné has suitable solutions. We will be happy to explain the possibilities in a conversation.

Transport insurance is always tailor-made.

At Materné, we ensure that your insurance perfectly matches your expectations. We create an insurance safety net.

Consider possible extensions such as:

  • refrigerated transport
  • protection against contamination
  • interim storage
  • etc.

We are ready to put together the ideal protection for you.

The convention is mandatory, so it cannot be deviated from.
This is a global agreement for road transport to or from a member country.

Other solutions for optimal coverage

Take the uncertain as the sure thing and discover our insurance policies that perfectly match it.

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Legal aid
Legal expenses insurance protects your business and/or family in various legal matters, depending on the cover you choose. Materné goes over your options.
Workplace accidents
Work accident insurance protects workers against loss of income when they become temporarily or permanently disabled due to a work-related accident.
Corporate damage
This insurance guarantees your income when your business activity stops or slows down due to unforeseen circumstances at your premises.
Fire insurance ensures financial peace of mind and business continuity when your business suffers financial losses due to fire, among other things.
Corporate liability
Business liability insurance serves as a safety net to deal with financial consequences of damages to third parties. Compare options with Materné.
Fleet insurance allows companies with several vehicles to insure all vehicles under one policy. Materné protects your fleet.
Car insurance is not only required by law, it is also an insurance that allows you to hit the road worry-free. Compare your options at Materné.

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